An identity and digital presence for an American bakery with a Provençal twist.

The brief

This wasn’t a typical branding job for us, since we had the pleasure of being part of Minoofi as co-founders. This gave us a unique opportunity to create a brand that we could nurture as the business grew (whilst doing our best not to eat all the profits).

A challenge

So how do you appeal to a discerning French audience who thinks they already have the best pastries in the world? Our challenge was seducing an unexposed audience in Marseille to trying something new.

Our Role

We were involved with the entire customer experience from the store re-fit all the way through to brand, online presence and packaging.

As Minoofi grew and developed a loyal following, we responded with a more stripped back identity which is what you see today. Creative direction of photography and a kickstarter campaign for a recipe book gave us a further chance to build a visual language around the brand.

The outcome

Over 7 years we have built and developed a brand that truly reflects the business. Minoofi’s online presence shows long browsing sessions and low bounce rates due to delicious product shots and engaging content.

We won that kickstarter funding, too. We’re proud to say that the Minoofi cookbook is available here.


“This studio is an integral part of our operation. Their tireless energy and continuous creative output have kept us ahead of the competition at every turn.”
— Yasmine, Founder, Minoofi Bakery