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We are Anna and Farrah and together we are A : F, a digital strategy and creative agency.

How we work is by plugging into organisations and startups to liaise closely with in-house teams. This allows us to bring our experience in larger agencies and freelance directly to the client, which we believe offers the most effective results. That’s what it’s all about – adapting to your needs.

This approach has allowed us to work on ambitious projects in a more bespoke way, getting to the root of problems by asking the right questions. With a brilliant network of development specialists, animators, photographers and copywriters, we’re more than the sum of our parts. Your focus is making your business a success. Our mission is seeing you succeed.

We’d love to help you with your next project. Drop us a line to find out more.

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Anna Betts

Before training as a designer and ultimately co-founding A : F, I had more jobs than anyone you know.

From various positions at the University of Cambridge, to running hundreds of live gigs, curating an art gallery, and illustrating books, the list was a bit mad. I juggled five jobs at once for a time. In all of these things I found three common threads that enabled me to generate pretty extraordinary levels of energy: creativity, empathy and problem-solving.

I don’t work five jobs anymore, I’m the co-founder of a really good digital agency where I make sense of clients’ creative challenges. What makes me a major asset to any project is the wildly varied experience I had to get to this point, and working with so many different audiences along the way. It’s why I love creating brands and platforms that tell a human story. It’s a craft that’s been years in the making and is something that I get a massive kick out of.

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Farrah Washash

I have worked in the digital world for almost twenty years and continue to be excited and awed by its constant evolution.

Starting in 2002, across roles in client management, product development and digital strategy I’ve learnt how vital it is to truly understand your audience and how cultural nuances shape their needs. Working globally across the UK, Canada, France and the UAE has allowed me to study how different markets behave and to harness the power of local knowledge. 

In 2011 I moved to Marseille to co-found a bakery (a lifelong dream). There I learnt the importance of owning a business with a strong, efficient digital profile that allowed me to focus my energy on many other aspects of growth. 

Now in London and co-founding A : F I have the ideal platform to bring this work together, by collaborating with my global network of specialists to translate clients’ needs into successful products. Today the opportunity to search for the latest solutions continues to drive me from one project to the next and what inspires me to expand my skillset is the limitless capacity technology has to connect us across demographics or location – to ultimately democratise. 

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